Làm thiệp giáng sinh flash dễ dàng với InAlbum 4.0

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Với phần mềm đơn giản và tiện dụng này bạn chỉ mất 5' để tạo cho mình những tấm thiệp cực kỳ độc đáo.

Software : InAlbum 4.0
Time : Less than 5 minutes
Skill : Beginner




1. Run InAlbum.

2. From menu, click on "E-Card" button. Then click "Create Project" button. 


Fill in the "Show name" and the folder location. Click on "OK" button to continue. 

3. InAlbum will let you to choose the template. For this tutorial, we choose "Christmas" template. Then click OK button. 

4. To change the photo, click on a photo and replace it with your own. The other way, you can click on the object dropdown and choose "Photo". You will see the photo properties appear on the bottom part of the window. Click on the Browse button to replace the photo with your own. 

For this tutorial, we use the default. To change the text, you can click on a text and retype your own text over it. It is as simple as that.

If you wish you can add more photos, text and cliparts.

5. Once you are done, click on the Music and Settings to customize further by selecting thumbnail and music then click the Save Show button. 

6. Congratulation!, your E-Card is done. You can send your E-Card by email or upload it into your own website.